8333 Commits (trunk)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Steiner b2c7ab125a Fix compile error on Java 14 3 days ago
  Simon Steiner f301fa9f58 Fix test on Windows 3 days ago
  Simon Steiner 811073a987 FOP-2926: Add artifact type to PDF header/footer 1 week ago
  Simon Steiner 698dd5fa4d FOP-2925: Change in IPD on empty block NPE 1 week ago
  Simon Steiner 150d1c1995 FOP-2924: Images not scaled or rotated in PCL 1 week ago
  Simon Steiner 791d39bd2c FOP-2923: Allow to suppress fo:leader within empty paragaphs from structure tree 1 week ago
  Simon Steiner 4321934851 FOP-2911: Add endpage event for FO to IF 1 month ago
  Simon Steiner d1022f8e33 Fix compile on newer mvn 1 month ago
  Simon Steiner b696bac863 FOP-2895: Try to fix Java 7 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner 1ef4f9b38f FOP-2895: Build at root 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner d113056a8b FOP-2895: Ant build should use mvn jar to avoid duplicate transcoder configuration 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner 0cb0a5e33f FOP-2895: Add missing classes to allinone jar 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner 82aa5566da FOP-2889: Make JAI optional 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner 895a332bd6 FOP-2909: Hide empty blocks from structure tree 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner ed7ad90782 FOP-2908: Repeated image in header not shown in structure tree 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner cc76e1af4c FOP-2907: Missing bounding box on repeated image for PDF/UA 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner da0f281740 FOP-2902: Ignore TTF reserved index range 2 months ago
  Simon Steiner fcfcda4775 FOP-2901: NoSuchElementException on empty table footer 2 months ago
  Chris Bowditch d3c2f77d29 fix FOP-1616 2 months ago
  Chris Bowditch 71c646801a FOP-2892; fix + test 3 months ago
  Simon Steiner 4ff004719b FOP-2898: Only use zero glue for change ipd 3 months ago
  Simon Steiner c668267826 FOP-2894: Fit table contents onto current page 3 months ago
  Simon Steiner 5c35af7a0d Bump version 5 months ago
  Simon Steiner 60e970f716 Hide password for signing 5 months ago
  Simon Steiner 8c4f88f915 Prepare for a release 5 months ago
  Simon Steiner d4f54f1333 FOP-2885: Update Xerces to 2.12 5 months ago
  Simon Steiner ccd9f65340 FOP-2883: Penalty cause table to flow into footer 6 months ago
  Simon Steiner 7f7464bade FOP-2881: Add option for page segment for GOCA 6 months ago
  Simon Steiner b518b28e0f FOP-2882: Allow PDFFormXObject to improve performance 6 months ago
  Simon Steiner afdf427804 FOP-2877: Table row was inside footer 8 months ago
  Simon Steiner aab147ec21 Fix hanging tests 8 months ago
  Matthias Reischenbacher f7a2f19b8b FOP-2855: apply patch from Juan for fixing letter spacing of spaces inside white-space=pre text 8 months ago
  Matthias Reischenbacher facedd4e04 FOP-2875: fix checkstyle issue 8 months ago
  Matthias Reischenbacher 3ad9b01d08 FOP-2875: add support for non-ascii characters in pdf file attachment names, fix name collisions of attachments 8 months ago
  Simon Steiner 7c3a62ee56 FOP-2874: Conserve memory policy fails in multi-threaded environment 8 months ago
  Simon Steiner dbad6491f8 FOP-2869: basic-link to embedded file broken with encryption 9 months ago
  Simon Steiner e7daec61ad FOP-2762: Serialisation issues with accessibility and conserve-memory 9 months ago
  Simon Steiner df4dad0d99 FOP-2866: Using conserve option causes SerializationException 9 months ago
  Simon Steiner 1a073f4a3c FOP-2873: Update to PDFBox 2.0.16 9 months ago
  Simon Steiner bb52ebbf88 FOP-2871: Render space for accessible pdf 9 months ago
  Simon Steiner 452d3bc7c0 FOP-2868: OBJR should be a child of each link 9 months ago
  Simon Steiner e18a416548 FOP-2867: Hyphenation file is not reloaded after a change 9 months ago
  Chris Bowditch 2474e10c00 fix FOP-2624 10 months ago
  Simon Steiner e93df1c62d FOP-2856: Fix findbugs 1 year ago
  Simon Steiner 952fd288d2 FOP-2856: Support compile on Java 12 1 year ago
  Chris Bowditch 92190f82a4 Resolve Findbugs warning 1 year ago
  Chris Bowditch 1488e78897 fix FOP-2514. Patch submitted by Björn Kautler 1 year ago
  Simon Steiner eff7c6c6d8 FOP-2847: Support palette-based transparency PNG in PDF 1 year ago
  Simon Steiner 5a40c4dfd1 FOP-2853: Error for SVG using TTF fallback to AFP 1 year ago
  Simon Steiner 2f92dafd21 Use modern junit 1 year ago