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Gitblit is an open source, pure Java Git solution for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories.
More information about Gitblit can be found here.


Gitblit is distributed under the terms of the Apache Software Foundation license, version 2.0.
The text of the license is included in the file LICENSE in the root of the project.

Java Runtime Requirement

Gitblit requires at Java 6 Runtime Environment (JRE) or a Java 6 Development Kit (JDK).

Getting help

Read the online documentation available at the Gitblit website
Issues, binaries, & sources @ Google Code

Building Gitblit

Eclipse is recommended for development as the project settings are preconfigured.

  1. Import the gitblit project into your Eclipse workspace.
    There will be lots of build errors.
  2. Using Ant, execute the build.xml script in the project root.
    This will download all necessary build dependencies and will also generate the Keys class for accessing settings.
  3. Select your gitblit project root and Refresh the project, this should correct all build problems.
  4. Using JUnit, execute the com.gitblit.tests.GitBlitSuite test suite.
    This will clone some repositories from the web and run through the unit tests.
  5. Execute the com.gitblit.GitBlitServer class to start Gitblit GO.

Building Tips & Tricks

  1. If you are running Ant from an ANSI-capable console, consider setting the MX_COLOR ennvironment variable before executing Ant.
    set MX_COLOR=true
  2. The build script will honor your Maven proxy settings. If you need to fine-tune this, please review the settings.moxie documentation.