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  mrsdizzie 8d081950e6
Ensure syntax highlighting is the same inside diffs (#12205) 14 hours ago
  GiteaBot 6a62884782 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 day ago
  6543 16980d13ce
Default to showing closed Issues/PR list when there are only closed issues/PRs (#12200) 1 day ago
  mrsdizzie a6168fa25d
Make copy/paste work for source code (#12191) 2 days ago
  Kristian Antonsen cedbd3684f
Fix regression: Gitea commits API again returns commit summaries, not full messages (#12186) 3 days ago
  silverwind dbd5e4bb8d
Update JS dependencies (#12181) 3 days ago
  William Hilton 3a46d1ef58
Enable cloning via Git Wire Protocol v2 over HTTP (#12170) 3 days ago
  mrsdizzie 078d2fbd4c
Remove newline when highlighting random chunks of code (#12180) 3 days ago
  Jürgen Hötzel 30399cf04a
Trim to 255 runes instead of bytes (#12150) 3 days ago
  赵智超 12f9dd8fa9
Decrease the num_stars when deleting a repo (#11954) 4 days ago
  Cirno the Strongest 88ef04dbe9
Adjust margin-top for repo header label (#12174) 4 days ago
  silverwind 075f33c48c
Fix U2F button icon (#12167) 4 days ago
  zeripath 8a0bb7cd04
Ensure Subkeys are verified (#12155) 5 days ago
  Stormxx 26e931ae34
fix a spelling error (#12163) 5 days ago
  Lars Lehtonen 56f222d44c
models: break out of loops (#12159) 5 days ago
  GiteaBot ae2916c792 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 5 days ago
  silverwind 62c2c17031
Fonts rework (#12114) 5 days ago
  yisiliang 9fc9c1de98
Update the wiki repository remote origin while update the mirror repository's Clone From URL (#12053) 5 days ago
  zeripath c5b08f6d5a
Pause, Resume, Release&Reopen, Add and Remove Logging from command line (#11777) 5 days ago
  GiteaBot 38fb087d19 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 5 days ago
  Lauris BH 4384320db9
Use hash of repo path, ref and entrypath as cache key (#12151) 5 days ago
  zeripath 217647f331
Multiple small admin dashboard fixes (#12153) 6 days ago
  George Merlocco 0d03fbf2ca
Ensure tabs wrap correctly on user profile page (#12144) 6 days ago
  xenofem d1562bfc34
properly set symbolic-ref HEAD when a repo is created with a non-master default branch (#12135) 6 days ago
  silverwind 15d3aa7b95
Enable a few more eslint rules (#12145) 6 days ago
  zeripath c6d6c51ada
Remove spurious logging (#12139) 6 days ago
  zeripath 2ab185d3ab
Rewrite GitGraph.js (#12137) 6 days ago
  zeripath 3c4388f668
Re-fix #12095 again (#12138) 6 days ago
  zeripath 60cb9fe448
Bugfix for shared event source (#12129) 1 week ago
  Andreas Shimokawa 510e4bd245
templates/repo/empty.tmpl : fix repo setup instructions (#12122) 1 week ago
  zeripath ae56411e9f
Move EventSource to SharedWorker (#12095) 1 week ago
  赵智超 cd994f6354
Fix ui bug in wiki commit page (#12089) 1 week ago
  GiteaBot 480ac25ed5 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
  Clark Boylan 7e401fb026
Fix repo API listing stability (#12057) 1 week ago
  zeripath 482ba937ed
Provide option to unlink a fork (#11858) 1 week ago
  silverwind a87a64e6a1
Fix missing gitgraph css import (#12112) 1 week ago
  GiteaBot 712d88ea1d [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
  silverwind eea25f8d71
Improve arc-green code colors (#12111) 1 week ago
  zeripath 858c35b731
Ensure BlameReaders close at end of request (#12102) 1 week ago
  Lauris BH 8f489131f3
Fix merge section in dark theme (#12086) 1 week ago
  mrsdizzie af7ffaa279
Server-side syntax highlighting for all code (#12047) 1 week ago
  Lauris BH ce5f2b9845
Fix commit icon position (#12087) 1 week ago
  silverwind e3b719863b
Fix potential make error related to fomantic files (#12079) 1 week ago
  Cirno the Strongest b918609acc
Use custom SVGs for commit signing lock icon (#12017) 1 week ago
  silverwind 7761245d08
Move fomantic and jQuery to main webpack bundle (#11997) 1 week ago
  Cirno the Strongest 2281b048af
Do not override API issue pagination with UI settings (#12068) 1 week ago
  GiteaBot 9ad04240a6 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 week ago
  Cirno the Strongest 1fd2beb6e9
Fix swagger docs for /repos/issues (#12069) 1 week ago
  Linkjay 2ff585f0da
Fix some periods and language usage in en-US locale (#12067) 2 weeks ago
  silverwind 772df93671
Disable go module when downloading global binaries (#12030) 2 weeks ago