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Dart.gitignore remove Jetbrain and MacOS related values 6 months ago
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EPiServer.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 4 years ago
Eagle.gitignore Eagle: Remove duplicate entry 6 months ago
Elisp.gitignore add final newline 2 years ago
Elixir.gitignore ignore files generated by ElixirLS 1 month ago
Elm.gitignore Ignore elm-stuff project-wide 2 years ago
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ExtJs.gitignore Adds some files 1 year ago
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Finale.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 5 years ago
ForceDotCom.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 5 years ago
Fortran.gitignore Link a new fortran template to existing c++ one 4 years ago
FuelPHP.gitignore update FuelPHP.gitignore 4 years ago
GWT.gitignore GWT: Remove duplicate entry 6 months ago
Gcov.gitignore Capitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting 3 years ago
GitBook.gitignore Correct URL for NPM URL reference 3 years ago
Go.gitignore Go: Add '*.exe~' to .gitignore 11 months ago
Godot.gitignore remove system specific ignores. 9 months ago
Gradle.gitignore Only ignore the build directory in the same directory as .gitignore for Gradle 2 years ago
Grails.gitignore Adding additional comments 4 years ago
Haskell.gitignore Add cabal.project.local~ to Haskell.gitignore (#2479) 1 year ago
IGORPro.gitignore Create IGORPro.gitignore 4 years ago
Idris.gitignore Add an Idris gitignore 4 years ago
Java.gitignore Added NiFi .nar files 8 months ago
Jboss.gitignore Deployed file ignore 5 years ago
Jekyll.gitignore Update Jekyll.gitignore (#2540) 1 year ago
Joomla.gitignore Joomla: don't ignore .gitignore 9 months ago
Julia.gitignore Julia: ignore deps/deps.jl 2 years ago
KiCad.gitignore KiCad .gitignore library fix 4 months ago
Kohana.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 5 years ago
Kotlin.gitignore Symlink Kotlin.gitignore to Java.gitignore 2 years ago
LICENSE Use the exact CC-0 license text 2 years ago
LabVIEW.gitignore Ignore the .cache folder for LabVIEW projects 7 months ago
Laravel.gitignore Only ignore root vendor directory 3 months ago
Leiningen.gitignore Update .gitignore with .cpcache 9 months ago
LemonStand.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 5 years ago
Lilypond.gitignore Add ignore file for lilypond. 7 years ago
Lithium.gitignore The Lithium app should be the root repo folder 6 years ago
Lua.gitignore Added a .gitignore template for Lua based projects. 4 years ago
Magento.gitignore Remove patch files from repo 2 months ago
Maven.gitignore maven-wrapper.jar should be ignored 6 months ago
Mercury.gitignore Mercury.gitignore: Add Mercury.modules 3 years ago
MetaProgrammingSystem.gitignore Grammar/formatting tweak to comments 4 years ago
Nanoc.gitignore Nanoc: Ignore tmp/nanoc/, not tmp/ 1 year ago
Nim.gitignore Create Nim.gitignore 4 years ago
Node.gitignore No need for .vscode line 1 month ago
OCaml.gitignore Update OCaml.gitignore 1 year ago
Objective-C.gitignore Update Objective-C.gitignore 5 months ago
Opa.gitignore Added Opa.gitignore 6 years ago
OpenCart.gitignore excluding vqmod cache files and logs 2 years ago
OracleForms.gitignore added gitignore for Oracle Forms development 6 years ago
Packer.gitignore Add a support for packer 4 years ago
Perl.gitignore spelling: utils 1 year ago
Perl6.gitignore A new template for Perl 6 2 years ago
Phalcon.gitignore Remove trailing asterisks in Phalcon rules 4 years ago
PlayFramework.gitignore Added /project/project to PlayFramework.gitignore 1 year ago
Plone.gitignore Covered by global vim template 5 years ago
Prestashop.gitignore Update Prestashop.gitignore 1 year ago
Processing.gitignore Add ignore rules for Linux ARM exports 3 months ago
PureScript.gitignore Added .gitignore for PureScript 3 years ago
Python.gitignore Hide wheels directory used on Debian-like systems (Ubuntu) 1 month ago
Qooxdoo.gitignore Add gitignore for qooxdoo apps 7 years ago
Qt.gitignore Qt: Correct typo "QtCtreator" to "QtCreator" 10 months ago
R.gitignore Exclude secret deployment key in rsconnect/ 10 months ago Update 3 weeks ago
ROS.gitignore Added ignore for files created by `catkin_make_isolated` 10 months ago
Rails.gitignore Ignore public/assets in Rails .gitignore 2 months ago
RhodesRhomobile.gitignore Add Rhodes mobile application framework gitignore 8 years ago
Ruby.gitignore Add a brief explanation. 2 years ago
Rust.gitignore Update documentation link cargo.toml vs cargo.lock 9 months ago
SCons.gitignore Added SCons.gitignore 5 years ago
Sass.gitignore Add all sourcemap file formats 6 months ago
Scala.gitignore [Scala] remove external tools excludes. 1 year ago
Scheme.gitignore Add Scheme.gitignore 3 years ago
Scrivener.gitignore Added .gitignore for Scrivener 5 years ago
Sdcc.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 5 years ago
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SketchUp.gitignore Add gitignore for sketchup backup files. 7 years ago
Smalltalk.gitignore Merge pull request #2027 from rejurime/dolphin-smalltalk 3 weeks ago
Stella.gitignore Capitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting 3 years ago
SugarCRM.gitignore ensure the following ! rules are included 1 year ago
Swift.gitignore Update Swift.gitignore 5 months ago
Symfony.gitignore Ignore logs for Symfony4 4 months ago
SymphonyCMS.gitignore added symphony and workspace/uploads dir 6 years ago
TeX.gitignore [TeX] Ignore generated files by 'vhistory' package 1 month ago
Terraform.gitignore Minor imporvements to terraform ignore file 3 months ago
Textpattern.gitignore Added Textpattern gitignore 7 years ago
TurboGears2.gitignore Add for TurboGears2 (based off of Python template) 8 years ago
Typo3.gitignore Merge pull request #1646 from josefglatz/TYPO3-improvements 6 months ago
Umbraco.gitignore Trim trailing whitespace 6 months ago
Unity.gitignore Update Unity.gitignore 1 month ago
UnrealEngine.gitignore Revert "add the *.VC.db to unreal engine ignore" 6 months ago
VVVV.gitignore ensure single trailing newline 4 years ago
VisualStudio.gitignore Merge pull request #2307 from marcrocny/marcrocny-patch-1 3 weeks ago
Waf.gitignore Waf: Be more explicit in patterns 2 years ago
WordPress.gitignore Added Must Use Plugins to gotignore (#2553) 1 year ago
Xojo.gitignore Ignores *.xojo_uistate 4 years ago
Yeoman.gitignore Create Yeoman.gitignore 5 years ago
Yii.gitignore Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into pr/506 5 years ago
ZendFramework.gitignore Remove double-spaced lines 1 year ago
Zephir.gitignore Added comments for Zephir 4 years ago

A collection of .gitignore templates

This is GitHub’s collection of .gitignore file templates. We use this list to populate the .gitignore template choosers available in the interface when creating new repositories and files.

For more information about how .gitignore files work, and how to use them, the following resources are a great place to start:

Folder structure

We support a collection of templates, organized in this way:

  • the root folder contains templates in common use, to help people get started with popular programming languages and technologies. These define a meaningful set of rules to help get started, and ensure you are not committing unimportant files into your repository
  • Global contains templates for various editors, tools and operating systems that can be used in different situations. It is recommended that you either add these to your global template or merge these rules into your project-specific templates if you want to use them permanently.
  • community contains specialized templates for other popular languages, tools and project, which don’t currently belong in the mainstream templates. These should be added to your project-specific templates when you decide to adopt the framework or tool.

What makes a good template?

A template should contain a set of rules to help Git repositories work with a specific programming language, framework, tool or environment.

If it’s not possible to curate a small set of useful rules for this situation, then the template is not a good fit for this collection.

If a template is mostly a list of files installed by a particular version of some software (e.g. a PHP framework), it could live under the community directory. See versioned templates for more details.

If you have a small set of rules, or want to support a technology that is not widely in use, and still believe this will be helpful to others, please read the section about specialized templates for more details.

If you believe your template is important and should be highly visible, please add details about the impact of the technology when you open a pull request. We may not accept it immediately, but we can promote it to the root at a later date based on interest.

Please also understand that we can’t list every tool that ever existed. Our aim is to curate a collection of the most common and helpful templates, not to make sure we cover every project possible. If we choose not to include your language, tool, or project, it’s not because it’s not awesome.

Contributing guidelines

We’d love for you to help us improve this project. To help us keep this collection high quality, we request that contributions adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Provide a link to the application or project’s homepage. Unless it’s extremely popular, there’s a chance the maintainers don’t know about or use the language, framework, editor, app, or project your change applies to.

  • Provide links to documentation supporting the change you’re making. Current, canonical documentation mentioning the files being ignored is best. If documentation isn’t available to support your change, do the best you can to explain what the files being ignored are for.

  • Explain why you’re making a change. Even if it seems self-evident, please take a sentence or two to tell us why your change or addition should happen. It’s especially helpful to articulate why this change applies to everyone who works with the applicable technology, rather than just you or your team.

  • Please consider the scope of your change. If your change is specific to a certain language or framework, then make sure the change is made to the template for that language or framework, rather than to the template for an editor, tool, or operating system.

  • Please only modify one template per pull request. This helps keep pull requests and feedback focused on a specific project or technology.

In general, the more you can do to help us understand the change you’re making, the more likely we’ll be to accept your contribution quickly.

Versioned templates

Some templates can change greatly between versions, and if you wish to contribute to this repository we need to follow this specific flow:

  • the template at the root should be the current supported version
  • the template at the root should not have a version in the filename (i.e. “evergreen”)
  • previous versions of templates should live under community/
  • previous versions of the template should embed the version in the filename, for readability

This helps ensure users get the latest version (because they’ll use whatever is at the root) but helps maintainers support older versions still in the wild.

Specialized templates

If you have a template that you would like to contribute, but it isn’t quite mainstream, please consider adding this to the community directory under a folder that best suits where it belongs.

The rules in your specialized template should be specific to the framework or tool, and any additional templates should be mentioned in a comment in the header of the template

For example, this template might live at community/DotNet/InforCRM.gitignore:

# gitignore template for InforCRM (formerly SalesLogix)
# website:
# Recommended: VisualStudio.gitignore

# Ignore model files that are auto-generated

# Ignore deployment files

# Force include portal SupportFiles

Contributing workflow

Here’s how we suggest you go about proposing a change to this project:

  1. Fork this project to your account.
  2. Create a branch for the change you intend to make.
  3. Make your changes to your fork.
  4. Send a pull request from your fork’s branch to our master branch.

Using the web-based interface to make changes is fine too, and will help you by automatically forking the project and prompting to send a pull request too.