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  Shigeru Chiba 5e3b6a8f64
Merge pull request #307 from sarxos/patch-1 3 months ago
  Bartosz Firyn 5e6b5b27de
Fix typo in TypeChecker 3 months ago
  chibash 44e777f041 updates Readme.html to mention how to release. 3 months ago
  chibash a6b7f12c25 for release 3.27.0-GA 3 months ago
  chibash 150709141c fixes a bug involuved in Pull Request #294 6 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba afe124ffa5
Merge pull request #294 from junwen12221/master 6 months ago
  chibash 9f1f605c12 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:jboss-javassist/javassist 6 months ago
  chibash 559bc90de5 fixdes Issue #282 6 months ago
  cjw 4f8e274703 Support parsing 'byte[] a = new byte[]{};' 7 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 19a64dd7c2
Merge pull request #281 from diptadas/patch-1 9 months ago
  Dipta Das f3dd7be032
Fix instruction printer double constant 9 months ago
  chibash 5a796e1c2e updates Readme.html 9 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba a54eae58df
Merge pull request #279 from csobrinho/patch-1 9 months ago
  Carlos Sobrinho 7279bda227
Fix a bottleneck. If the jar entries is big, List.contains is O(n) and very slow! 9 months ago
  chibash 30627914d3 for release 3.26.0-GA 9 months ago
  chibash 855ca0050a adds CtClass#isKotlin() for PR #276 9 months ago
  chibash c78e17c67f fixes a bug of JvstTest5#testRedundantInsertAfter() for Issue #275 9 months ago
  chibash 9108650902 adds CtBehavior#insertAfter(String,boolean,boolean) for Issue #275 9 months ago
  chibash f7ef31ce8b fixes Issue #271 10 months ago
  chibash 2e67ed31f8 updates Readme.html 10 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba bad4a16db3
Merge pull request #267 from sam-ma/master 10 months ago
  chibash cf1d22fa1f adds ClassFileWriter#addDynamicInfo 10 months ago
  chibash 10a92c6aa9 fixes typos included in PR #272 (Issue #270) 10 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 3dcbf5e391
Merge pull request #272 from richbolen/JASSIST-270 10 months ago
  Rich Bolen a90bc27e58 Remove unused file 10 months ago
  Rich Bolen dd3612498a Address feedback from PR 10 months ago
  Rich Bolen 45764f9465 Incorporate feedback from the PR 10 months ago
  Rich Bolen 265b8fbea4 Incorporate feedback from the PR 10 months ago
  Rich Bolen 699b301bad Incorporate feedback from the PR 10 months ago
  Rich Bolen c08c21ebd2 Add support for the new Dynamic constant (17) created in java 11 10 months ago
  chibash 8f4788e090 fixed Issue #263 11 months ago
  Sam Ma d6d6b2e959 Fix #265 javassist.CannotCompileException: [source error] the called constructor is private 11 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 9076bde175
Merge pull request #264 from backpaper0/fix-typo 1 year ago
  Uragami Taichi ed620780ca Fix typo 1 year ago
  chibash 3aa3ca9d97 for release 3.25.0-GA 1 year ago
  chibash 413126268c for release 3.25.0-GA 1 year ago
  Shigeru Chiba ab77824c6f
Merge pull request #253 from sam-ma/master 1 year ago
  Shigeru Chiba a332834881
Merge pull request #254 from soul2zimate/backwards-compatible-fix 1 year ago
  Chao Wang 7a91c46e96
Add back FactoryHelper.toClass(ClassFile cf, ClassLoader loader, ProtectionDomain domain) for backward compatibility in minor release. 1 year ago
  Sam Ma e71398c6fc Fix #252 make instrumentation works on JDK11 for the inner class which has access to the private constructor of the host class 1 year ago
  chibash e3f70e8d1d adds javadoc comments for PR #250 1 year ago
  Shigeru Chiba 50430c10be
Merge pull request #250 from skybber/master 1 year ago
  skybber f1e1268821 Control ctxClassLoader usage per thread 1 year ago
  Shigeru Chiba eff2f4bbd0
Merge pull request #247 from NingZhang-e/issue246 1 year ago
  enigzhg f8ee3eb84e Fix Issue #246 via clean java doc. 1 year ago
  Ning Zhang 6e6eb15d09
Merge pull request #3 from jboss-javassist/master 1 year ago
  chibash f36195c145 updates Readme.html and rebuilds javassist.jar 1 year ago
  Shigeru Chiba 0ac942ce19
Merge pull request #244 from shifujun/redirectMethodCallToStatic 1 year ago
  shifujun c85bc4f090 add a new CodeConverter method:redirectMethodCallToStatic 1 year ago
  chibash 6ea8021f15 fixes the bug reported in Issue #241. 1 year ago