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  Shigeru Chiba 19a64dd7c2
Merge pull request #281 from diptadas/patch-1 2 months ago
  Dipta Das f3dd7be032
Fix instruction printer double constant 2 months ago
  chibash 5a796e1c2e updates Readme.html 2 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba a54eae58df
Merge pull request #279 from csobrinho/patch-1 2 months ago
  Carlos Sobrinho 7279bda227
Fix a bottleneck. If the jar entries is big, List.contains is O(n) and very slow! 2 months ago
  chibash 30627914d3 for release 3.26.0-GA 2 months ago
  chibash 855ca0050a adds CtClass#isKotlin() for PR #276 2 months ago
  chibash c78e17c67f fixes a bug of JvstTest5#testRedundantInsertAfter() for Issue #275 2 months ago
  chibash 9108650902 adds CtBehavior#insertAfter(String,boolean,boolean) for Issue #275 2 months ago
  chibash f7ef31ce8b fixes Issue #271 3 months ago
  chibash 2e67ed31f8 updates Readme.html 3 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba bad4a16db3
Merge pull request #267 from sam-ma/master 3 months ago
  chibash cf1d22fa1f adds ClassFileWriter#addDynamicInfo 3 months ago
  chibash 10a92c6aa9 fixes typos included in PR #272 (Issue #270) 3 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 3dcbf5e391
Merge pull request #272 from richbolen/JASSIST-270 3 months ago
  Rich Bolen a90bc27e58 Remove unused file 3 months ago
  Rich Bolen dd3612498a Address feedback from PR 3 months ago
  Rich Bolen 45764f9465 Incorporate feedback from the PR 3 months ago
  Rich Bolen 265b8fbea4 Incorporate feedback from the PR 3 months ago
  Rich Bolen 699b301bad Incorporate feedback from the PR 3 months ago
  Rich Bolen c08c21ebd2 Add support for the new Dynamic constant (17) created in java 11 3 months ago
  chibash 8f4788e090 fixed Issue #263 4 months ago
  Sam Ma d6d6b2e959 Fix #265 javassist.CannotCompileException: [source error] the called constructor is private 4 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 9076bde175
Merge pull request #264 from backpaper0/fix-typo 5 months ago
  Uragami Taichi ed620780ca Fix typo 5 months ago
  chibash 3aa3ca9d97 for release 3.25.0-GA 8 months ago
  chibash 413126268c for release 3.25.0-GA 8 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba ab77824c6f
Merge pull request #253 from sam-ma/master 8 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba a332834881
Merge pull request #254 from soul2zimate/backwards-compatible-fix 8 months ago
  Chao Wang 7a91c46e96
Add back FactoryHelper.toClass(ClassFile cf, ClassLoader loader, ProtectionDomain domain) for backward compatibility in minor release. 8 months ago
  Sam Ma e71398c6fc Fix #252 make instrumentation works on JDK11 for the inner class which has access to the private constructor of the host class 9 months ago
  chibash e3f70e8d1d adds javadoc comments for PR #250 9 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 50430c10be
Merge pull request #250 from skybber/master 9 months ago
  skybber f1e1268821 Control ctxClassLoader usage per thread 9 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba eff2f4bbd0
Merge pull request #247 from NingZhang-e/issue246 10 months ago
  enigzhg f8ee3eb84e Fix Issue #246 via clean java doc. 10 months ago
  Ning Zhang 6e6eb15d09
Merge pull request #3 from jboss-javassist/master 10 months ago
  chibash f36195c145 updates Readme.html and rebuilds javassist.jar 10 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 0ac942ce19
Merge pull request #244 from shifujun/redirectMethodCallToStatic 10 months ago
  shifujun c85bc4f090 add a new CodeConverter method:redirectMethodCallToStatic 10 months ago
  chibash 6ea8021f15 fixes the bug reported in Issue #241. 10 months ago
  chibash 576b141e43 adds src/test/test5/SwitchCase.java. It also adds the javadoc comments. 10 months ago
  Shigeru Chiba 023f7552ee
Merge pull request #243 from michalkurka/michalk_fix-j11-race 10 months ago
  michalkurka 1b84304638 Proposed fixes in DefineClassHelper & DefinePackageHelper 10 months ago
  michalkurka d64a1c8ab0 JAVASSIST-242: Demonstrates a race condition in DefineClassHelper 10 months ago
  chibash 88a9d9b572 changes Readme.html 1 year ago
  Shigeru Chiba ba2260737a
Merge pull request #231 from jboss-javassist/test/switch-case 1 year ago
  chibash c9ab46552b updates Readme.html 1 year ago
  chibash 52138ca440 enables switch-case with string constants 1 year ago
  chibash 1a3d63712a updates for relase 3.24.1 1 year ago