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            == Java GIT ==

This package is licensed under the BSD.


A pure Java library capable of being run standalone, with no
additional support libraries. Some JUnit tests are provided
to exercise the library. The library provides functions to
read and write a GIT formatted repository.

All portions of jgit are covered by the BSD. Absolutely no GPL,
LGPL or EPL contributions are accepted within this package.

Unit tests for org.eclipse.jgit and the same licensing rules.


- Symbolic links are not supported because java does not support it.
Such links could be damaged.

- Only the timestamp of the index is used by jgit check if the index
is dirty.

- Don't try the library with a JDK other than 1.6 (Java 6) unless you
are prepared to investigate problems yourself. JDK 1.5.0_11 and later
Java 5 versions *may* work. Earlier versions do not. JDK 1.4 is *not*
supported. Apple's Java 1.5.0_07 is reported to work acceptably. We
have no information about other vendors. Please report your findings
if you try.

- CRLF conversion is never performed. On Windows you should thereforc
make sure your projects and workspaces are configured to save files
with Unix (LF) line endings.

== Package Features ==


* Read loose and packed commits, trees, blobs, including
deltafied objects.

* Read objects from shared repositories

* Write loose commits, trees, blobs.

* Write blobs from local files or Java InputStreams.

* Read blobs as Java InputStreams.

* Copy trees to local directory, or local directory to a tree.

* Lazily loads objects as necessary.

* Read and write .git/config files.

* Create a new repository.

* Read and write refs, including walking through symrefs.

* Read, update and write the Git index.

* Checkout in dirty working directory if trivial.

* Walk the history from a given set of commits looking for commits
introducing changes in files under a specified path.

* Object transport
Fetch via ssh, git, http, Amazon S3 and bundles.
Push via ssh, git and Amazon S3. JGit does not yet deltify
the pushed packs so they may be a lot larger than C Git packs.


* Assorted set of command line utilities. Mostly for ad-hoc testing of jgit
log, glog, fetch etc.

== Missing Features ==

There are a lot of missing features. You need the real Git for this.
For some operations it may just be the preferred solution also. There
are not just a command line, there is e.g. git-gui that makes committing
partial files simple.

- Merging.

- Repacking.

- Generate a GIT format patch.

- Apply a GIT format patch.

- Documentation. :-)

- gitattributes support
In particular CRLF conversion is not implemented. Files are treated
as byte sequences.

- submodule support
Submodules are not supported or even recognized.

== Support ==

Post question, comments or patches to the mailing list.

== Contributing ==

See SUBMITTING_PATCHES in this directory. However, feedback and bug reports
are also contributions.

== About GIT ==

More information about GIT, its repository format, and the canonical
C based implementation can be obtained from the GIT websites: