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Matthias Sohn 29159f1171 JGit v4.1.2.201602141800-r 6 years ago
.settings Set "potentialNullReference" to "error" level and fixed all issues 7 years ago
META-INF JGit v4.1.2.201602141800-r 6 years ago
findBugs [findBugs] Silence warning about Transport initialization 10 years ago
resources/org/eclipse/jgit Use java.nio.file consistently in FS 6 years ago
src/org/eclipse/jgit Fix diff for added and removed submodule 6 years ago
.classpath Set minimum required Java version to Java 7 7 years ago
.fbprefs Initial JGit contribution to 13 years ago
.gitignore Finish removing Apache Felix maven-bundle-plugin 12 years ago
.project Revert "Hide Maven target directories from Eclipse" 12 years ago
about.html Add missing about.html files to all shipped bundles 11 years ago Add "resources/" as a source folder 12 years ago Remove incubation marker 11 years ago
pom.xml JGit v4.1.2.201602141800-r 6 years ago