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  Alexander Kriegisch 3c6e30bdd9 Set version to 1.9.23-SNAPSHOT 2 weeks ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 34bddb2153 Release AspectJ 2 weeks ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 64b86bc0a9 Add release notes 2 weeks ago
  Alexander Kriegisch e75604071d ClasspathManagerTestCase cosmetics 1 month ago
  Ric Harris 975671fa81 Improve ClassPathManager performance, caching unfound entries 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch c398a2105d Add ClasspathManagerTestCase::testUnfoundClassPerformance 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 7d19004b11 IDE.md: Remove old repo.t5.fi M2E update sites, add two more aspectj.dev 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch c6e5f902da Use aspect file/line matching for weave messages in some tests 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch a3f62b57ca BcelObjectType: Add experimental code to set source file name for 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch b48e5d71a9 Minor code cosmetics 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch afc8261977 Fix expected weave messages after previous changes 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch a1a700fc6e Implement source location matching for weave messages in XML tests 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 287ec8f5ef Improve Ajc165Tests.testFunkyPointcut_pr272233_2 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch e8c2f57913 Further streamline BCException 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 7bd0a45144 Improve stack trace printing in BCException 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch f97f77c030 Make Ajc165Tests.testFunkyPointcut_pr272233_2 pass 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch ed0a8ea17b New Xlint warning 'arrayCannotBeVoid' when resolving 'void[]' 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch cad9346701 UnresolvedType.signatureToName: fix '*' case for generic type '?' 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 2a1ec081e1 WildTypePattern: match generic type params correctly for array types 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 397796d676 WildTypePattern.toString: do not parenthesesise generic type list 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 742d4d7ea0 SignaturePattern.TypePatternVisitor: remove redundant visit method 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 0344282004 SignaturePattern: minor structural refactoring 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch c2acbdf9ea SignaturePattern: Add exception for meta annotations 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch b5ff0942c3 Lint: minor structural refactoring 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch cb13d8bf4c Fix test after node traversal was improved 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 59fef88ca1 UnresolvedType: fix JVM signature conversion 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 97d8f7339e Enable type parameter traversal in exact type patterns 1 year ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 4f3e990091 JoinPointImpl minor structural refactoring 1 month ago
  KimmingLau 70a4547610 JoinPointImpl: Remove thread-locals after usage, where possible 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 856db5d97f Add IT reproducing JoinPointImpl thread-locals memory leak 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch e54ae56584 IDE.md: update M2E connector info for aspectj.dev update site 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 966326ea32 Revert WeavingAdaptor generated class map optimisation 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch a97bb76a14 SimpleCache: structural refactoring, better docs 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 0f020e0d24 Add missing asm-commons to aspectjtools 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 3531ed77f5 Raise ClassLoaderWeavingAdaptor::defineClass visibility to protected 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch b16525c004 README.md: Fix word order from comment in previous commit 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch c4e2049086 README.md: Add hint about project root folder name requirement 1 month ago
  Alexander Kriegisch d59217a841 Implement remaining 'AspectJ_JDK_Update' tasks for 1.9.22 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch a86ed456e0 Set version to 1.9.23-SNAPSHOT 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 2b286c2217 Release AspectJ 1.9.22 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 7c164e3059 Bump JDT Core to 1.9.22 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 34cd85d02a Add 1.9.22 release notes 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 6555674d1e Remove some TODOs from Java feature tests 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 5a223d4928 Switch to Java 22 + add basic test suite 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch dcc2fd168c Adjust 1.6.1 'testRunningBrokenCode_pr102733*' tests ECJ Java 22 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 85b91b2f84 CI build: add Temurin JDK 22 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 45e306198e Bump JDT Core to 1.9.22-SNAPSHOT 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch 82e82821d8 Update release notes 1.9.7 to 1.9.21 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch bc0c1c0787 Asciidoctor: Do not copy target/** to aj-build/dist 2 months ago
  Alexander Kriegisch db9aa89125 Asciidoctor: Create HTML/PDF with TOC level 5 2 months ago