21 Commits (master)

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  Zhe Sun 9d370a7603
Update to 8.13-SNAPSHOT (#12110) 1 month ago
  Zhe Sun 502a144a2d
Update to 8.12-snapshot (#11995) 6 months ago
  Zhe Sun 2aa2de52f0
Update to 8.11 snapshot (#11874) 10 months ago
  Zhe Sun 04b3c7ce7e
Update to 8.10-SNAPSHOT (#11657) 1 year ago
  S.W 583920f327 OSGi: Removed static VaadinResourceService access in liferay-integration, osgi-integration (#11335) 1 year ago
  Sun Zhe e788dae27a
Update to 8.9 (#11535) 1 year ago
  Sun Zhe 18d42160f5
Update snapshot to 8.8-snapshot (#11397) 1 year ago
  Sun Zhe f4aa8eee87
Update master to 8.7-SNAPSHOT (#11208) 2 years ago
  Mehdi Javan 0b2e6a5252 Update project version to 8.6-SNAPSHOT (#11011) 2 years ago
  Teemu Suo-Anttila 714a7c251d Update snapshot version to 8.5 (#10818) 2 years ago
  Ilia Motornyi 6541b7bad2 Update copyright year (#10761) 2 years ago
  Ilia Motornyi ece60ca12e
Change log level for "VaadinServlet Registration" message from WARNING to INFO (#10613) 2 years ago
  Teemu Suo-Anttila cf0d3dcc5a
Upgrade minor version in the project to 8.4 (#10520) 2 years ago
  Teemu Suo-Anttila 27c5730e2a
Update version number to 8.3-SNAPSHOT (#10348) 3 years ago
  Teemu Suo-Anttila 87175a86c9 Update version to 8.2-SNAPSHOT (#9946) 3 years ago
  Tim Ward a108a7e8da Tidy up the Vaadin OSGi whiteboard component (#9648) 3 years ago
  Henri Sara e788fa906b Rename OSGi classes for Java naming conventions (#9320) 3 years ago
  Henri Sara 38108cb431 Fix parent version in some POMs 3 years ago
  Henri Sara df060e265a Add missing fields to OSGi manifests 3 years ago
  Mirjan Merruko 5308eb76f4 Convenience API for registering themes and widgetsets 3 years ago
  Mirjan Merruko de7a16aee8 Add scr component to help registering VaadinServlet configurations 3 years ago