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  Julien Carsique 4a0b9cf0d1 BUILD-1549 update repox creds 2 months ago
  Julien Carsique e2e857b5f0
BUILD-1443 sbom plugin (#130) 4 months ago
  Zipeng WU 477e167f6b SONAR-16183 Add java 17 in CI to sonar-scanner-maven 4 months ago
  Julien HENRY 8c73aabed5 SQSCANNER-101 Do not parse configuration twice 5 months ago
  Belen Pruvost 62768e25da SQSCANNER-100 - Add AWS Binaries Env Variable 5 months ago
  Belen Pruvost 969be161dc SQSCANNER-100 - Upgrade github-action_release to v4 5 months ago
  Julien Carsique d250d2e541 fix(BUILD-1378): sonarqube-team ownership 5 months ago
  Tobias Trabelsi 45ff2b3aac
Prepare next release cycle (#124) 5 months ago
  Duarte Meneses ddd9587361
SQSCANNER-99 Upgrade sonar-scanner-api from to 5 months ago
  Tobias Trabelsi 158d84cbfa
SQSCANNER-97 updated embedded JRE 6 months ago
  re-team-bot 98ff628a1a fix(BUILD-1337): update license 6 months ago
  belen-pruvost-sonarsource 9f0166cea8
SQSCANNER-95 - Update license headers (#120) 6 months ago
  Malena Ebert b395fd8875
BUILD-1180 Rotate secret 8 months ago
  David Rautureau 51ea0aecae
Fix the documentation of IT on Windows (#116) 11 months ago
  lukasz-jarocki-sonarsource fdad4d48ef
Updating contributing md (#115) 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal 14f802df68 Make it more explicit that we do not look for external contributions 1 year ago
  Tobias Trabelsi 2cea6dbbd1
SQSCANNER-87 updated embedded java 1 year ago
  Malena Ebert c6a96bda84 BUILD Switch to maintained release action 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal 14c890a566 Prepare for next development iteration 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal aefd8c5908
Rename release job 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal b0ef8bf0fc Prepare for patch release 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal f2270b3c91 SQSCANNER-88 Update Scanner API 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal 6ac5d8291f Renew repox accounts and signing key 1 year ago
  Tom 07854ba64d Renew repox accounts and signing key 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal 118bd02961 Prepare for next development iteration 1 year ago
  Malena Ebert 5e8ee0788c
BUILD Use latest base docker image in its 1 year ago
  tomverin 8afaf7e4dc
Update ARTIFACTORY_API_KEY 1 year ago
  Malena Ebert 3383c11891 Update docker build image 1 year ago
  Trabelsi Tobias 1f4778a586 BUILD-909 updated release workflow for sonar-scanner-cli 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal e942a1c9dd Prepare for next development iteration 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal d0a0383479 SQSCANNER-85 Update Scanner API to latest version 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal ac2111a3ef Use Cirrus CI build badge 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal b150a7b0fb Prepare next dev iteration 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal d2d1fc8da6
Update license year in README.md 1 year ago
  Wouter Admiraal 9305a1309d Update license headers for 2021 1 year ago
  Jacek 5fb192ebe4 Upgrade orchestrator version to 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld 4841a9b71b
Upgrade Orchestrator to 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld 770d823a97
Bump junit to 4.13.1 1 year ago
  Malena Ebert fd5bf25175
Update target region of packer image build. (#94) 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld d2cf5aa18e
SQSCANNER-68 - Automatically trigger docker release on new CLI release (#93) 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld c347e99a8b
SQSCANNER-44 - Move to Xoo for testing (#92) 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld d9376179e8
SQSCANNER-67 - Warn on duplicate property definitions (#89) 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld 22b155a580
SQSCANNER-70 - Updated script comments (#91) 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld 95134f6c3d
SQSCANNER-83 - Test cleanup (#90) 1 year ago
  Mark Rekveld 4a8d1e3fda
SQSCANNER-78 - backtick syntax (#83) 1 year ago
  Tobias Trabelsi 31dca6f192
BUILD-839 Move sonar-scanner-cli to new location 1 year ago
  Malena Ebert 92720a7655
Move ci builds to sonarqube team gcp project. 1 year ago
  Mickaël a5db291281 Prepare for next development iteration 2 years ago
  mickael-caro-sonarsource e8b89b8a04
Add release with GH Actions. (#86) 2 years ago
  mickael-caro-sonarsource adb67d645c
SQSCANNER-79 Changed name of scanner to SonarScanner CLI (#85) 2 years ago