18961 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Zhe Sun 9e8671890a
Update chrome version to 83 (#12024) 6 days ago
  Tarek Oraby 9c9991d887
Fix ComboBox in read-only mode allowing value change by user (#12022) 1 week ago
  Tatu Lund 06947c6f90
Moving disableBrowserAutocomplete to WidgetUtil and change widgets to use it (#12020) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 4014f806a1
Sanitize caption used in compatibility Grid header (#12018) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 222705a48b
Fix compatibility ComboBox filtering when page length is zero. (#12016) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 452357791f
Fix scrolling problem in table in Chrome 56+ (#12015) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 0645a86e5b
Table / TreeTable multiselect disabling of touch detection (#12014) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 667da64f80
Updated project setup instructions and Eclipse formatting instructions. (#12001) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 89fd72edae
Fix to compatibility Grid sorting after removing multi-select. (#12012) 2 weeks ago
  Anna Koskinen 1f709b081c
Fixed error message to use given parameters. (#12008) 2 weeks ago
  Tatu Lund 4277b50449
Catch exception that is thrown when Grid is scrolled during operation (#12002) 2 weeks ago
  Tatu Lund e39ca99654
Removing deprecated parameter (#12004) 2 weeks ago
  Anna Koskinen a967bd7fdc
Fix indexing issue in Compatibility Grid resize when scrolled to bottom. (#12003) 2 weeks ago
  Zhe Sun 66a8fb1c38
Update firefox version to 75 (#12000) 2 weeks ago
  Zhe Sun 502a144a2d
Update to 8.12-snapshot (#11995) 2 weeks ago
  Martín López 786ca64838
Support for javax.validation @NotEmpty annotation. (#11985) 2 weeks ago
  Martín López 4786732d33
Refresh DataProvider only once when reordering the grid using GridRowDragger (#11981) 3 weeks ago
  James Pether Sörling 887f569fb9
Removed unused parameter from DataNode creation (#11976) 3 weeks ago
  Martín López dbfa4cf3f3
Fixed a problem with example code in article "Letting The User Download A File" (#11971) 3 weeks ago
  Tarek Oraby 8821d64a15
Fix RTA's CreateLink in Firefox & IE11 (#11979) 3 weeks ago
  Anna Koskinen 1dcf3dc338
Take overlays into account in getConnectorForElement. (#11980) 3 weeks ago
  Anna Koskinen 35e441f2ec
Allow replacing all columns at once when some of them are frozen. (#11978) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 4c9a5405a5
Fix the column width calculations for full width cell contents. (#11974) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 599387b330
Fix hiding / un-hiding with frozen columns in multiselect mode (#11972) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen fb5e0c2fe1
Don't center a window that has already been removed. (#11956) 1 month ago
  Zhe Sun 14f6f3ba26
Add missing since tag (#11957) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 2497276048
Updating release notes (#11955) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund fe46753372
Fix incorrect position of column selector in MPR (#11953) 1 month ago
  Tarek Oraby 74f36e731d
Add asMultiSelect() to Tree class (#11949) 1 month ago
  Vesa Nieminen 14de087d19
Fixed the JavaDoc (#11950) 1 month ago
  Tarek Oraby 01936188ca
Allow AbstractDateField to provide DST zone names over custom ranges (#11927) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund d35bd4cde4
Add methods to control validation (#11945) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 565eeb5b5a
Add multiselect column compensation (#11951) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 6781bc636e
Updating Chrome version (#11952) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 42d55f4f79
Update Liferay kernel version (#11943) 1 month ago
  Felix Fontein 477e9fe824
Expired session: use 403 Forbidden instead of 410 Gone (#11859) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund a486f64809
Set DateField value only if it passes range check (#11887) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 368f350c98
Determine Push transport before re-connect (#11884) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 4c4fbedd03
Update hibernate dependency (#11905) 1 month ago
  Konstantin Kuzmin 7b06320711
Remove unnecessary null-check at ValueContext constructors (#11915) 1 month ago
  thigg 4af3147bbf
Added missing blank line, which fussed up the text (#11935) 1 month ago
  Hk-tang f6a9a9ad48
Change to using StringBuilder (#11941) 1 month ago
  Tarek Oraby a281d73fc2
Fix sanitization of empty RTA input for Firefox & IE (#11937) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen f42cb18785
Allow setting Upload button caption as HTML, move data to SharedState. (#11940) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 240cdce985
Prevent upload if no file is selected. (#11939) 1 month ago
  Dyorgio Nascimento 52013fc6c6
Fix NPE in FileUploadHandler when use Upload.interruptUpload(). (#11797) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen f4dc8b2952
Ensure ChangeListener still works after first upload. (#11936) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 34d93e6468
Ensure recalculateColumnWidths works with refreshAll. (#11934) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen d75836272b
Updated LayoutTester screenshots for IE and FF. (#11930) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 1111332966
Fix an issue with frozen column count and unhiding. (#11929) 2 months ago