18897 Commits (master)

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  Zhe Sun 2aa2de52f0
Update to 8.11 snapshot (#11874) 1 week ago
  Tatu Lund 1076cb0162 TreeDataProvider: Apply filters to children (#11868) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen 2bf0b02220
Ensure value change happens before shortcuts in compatibility components (#11871) 1 week ago
  Tatu Lund a799444d83 Making setEditable friendlier (#11869) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen cfb26c45de Convert DateTimeFieldReadOnlyTest to not rely on screenshots. (#11870) 1 week ago
  Tatu Lund f8ffc894b6 Added Note about TextField in Header cell (#11858) 1 week ago
  Anna Koskinen fe86bb59f4
Convert DateFieldReadOnlyTest to not rely on screenshots. (#11867) 2 weeks ago
  Anna Koskinen 376131e16b Removed outdated spacer height update from removal process. (#11861) 2 weeks ago
  Tatu Lund 458de86105 Added notes in JavaDoc of TEXTFIELD_INLINE_ICON (#11860) 2 weeks ago
  Anna Koskinen 0701caa175 Fix to RadioButtonGroup readOnly handling. (#11855) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 08c748acff
Added helper methods for setting only height or width full. (#11854) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 7f733bc2aa Added documentation of newly added Binder features (#11845) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 685e448793 Test tweaks (#11851) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 35883e01bc
Improvements to popup positioning for ComboBox within HorizontalLayout. (#11846) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 10b8e0c7d5
Chrome updated to 79 (#11847) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 822fdb4625 Release notes (#11842) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 18c37e1cf2
Test tweaks (#11841) 1 month ago
  Anastasia Smirnova 877d7ef7ce Close window on ESC, when maximized button is clicked (#11840) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 7895a74211 Added @since tags, some tweaks to formatting. (#11839) 1 month ago
  Knoobie 1be20818a6 Make VaadinService.cleanupSession public (#11738) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 4dc4f83865 Simplify Grid scroll handling. (#11835) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund 252ef11634 Make asRequired conditional on binding.setAsRequiredEnabled(..) (#11834) 1 month ago
  Tatu Lund dda9b05260
Add method writeBeanAsDraft(bean) in Binder (#11833) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen a8bce6437b
Delegate enabled handling to Composite root. (#11832) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 32aba81d1d
Add support for excess slashes within static file request path. (#11827) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 38b7419f27 Fix issue where Chrome refused to select text in Table (#11709) (#11818) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 346d564dfe
Updated local screenshot testing configurations. (#11814) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 97d4222a28 Don't attempt to send expand/collapse events for disabled TreeGrid. (#11823) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund ce497adfbd Decode path in getStaticFilePath (#11812) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund c20e2e9c1a Fixing issue with TwinColSelect not correctly retaining visible selection (#11799) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 9baf4a9c26 Eliminate un-intuitive NPE (#11802) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund debfc3b038 Cherry picks of Binder fixes in Flow (#11758) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen a8310a63c6
Reduce excess positioning calls for ComboBox popup. (#11808) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 9d03f99444 Added missing constructor with scanNestedDefinitions option (#11801) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund dc35fdec07 Use APPLICATION_SCOPE for the session lock (#11792) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund fd1a8df74a
Fixing issue with Push stopping working in some circumstances (#11791) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 0b627f975d
Check actual Grid selection instead of relying on allSelected flag. (#11787) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen f5984b1cb6
Removed a duplicated word in a note. (#11785) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 0e353d9172
Added note to setTemplateContents JavaDoc (#11752) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 1b55d3668b
Fix a timing issue in ComboBox filtering via paste using mouse. (#11780) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 7e44bb38e1
Switch from an assert to logging and return in Grid.onBrowserEvent (#11778) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 643c29cfdb Added 1px tolerance to ScrollbarBundle's internal sanity check. (#11777) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 1167c3bc4e
Improvements to ScrollDestination sanity checks (#11772) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 103f224ded
Added missing NOTIFICATION_DARK (#11770) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen be5c6b9755
Fix the end limit of the allowed scrollTo rows. (#11771) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 1ce4be3583 Made JavaDoc of updateSelection more precise (#11768) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 1e764045e3 Tweak a test to open Grid details row by clicking cell instead of row. (#11764) 3 months ago
  Zhe Sun 7f5fd0b173
Update chrome version to 78 (#11765) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen f1dc01ec76 When ComboBox popup opens to the left accommodate margin/border/padding. (#11755) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 3980e35b71 Make sure expanding/collapsing updates expected cache size. (#11753) 3 months ago