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  Tatu Lund cd1dccd153
Replace function reference with anonymous class for serialization (#12137) 3 days ago
  dependabot[bot] eaa5bf545b
Bump jetty.version from 9.4.17.v20190418 to 9.4.34.v20201102 (#12149) 3 days ago
  Tatu Lund 00159ed3d2
Make checkAtmosphereSupport() non-static (#12131) 5 days ago
  Jouni Koivuviita 361395f198
Update UsingPolling.asciidoc (#12150) 5 days ago
  Anna Koskinen 27adc89f9f
Test updates (#12147) 6 days ago
  Anna Koskinen e334a35268
Tweaks to Grid/Escalator column size handling (#12145) 2 weeks ago
  Tatu Lund 6300b4a9a5
Use generated id of the menu item to help testing of the menubar (#12124) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 9c7cbaae94
Bump JUnit from 4.12 to 4.13.1 (#12122) 1 month ago
  Zhe Sun 4152a3c516
Revert the selenium version update (#12112) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 05f7734b86
Take border into account in Grid editor position when it opens upwards. (#12118) 1 month ago
  Martin Vysny e3b0a113b1
Log informative message instead of failing with ClassCastException when polling an obsolete resource (#12115) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen b817d61d6a
When a Grid gets scroll-locked, cancel the scrollInProgress handler. (#12116) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 2c8aa65c72
Chrome update to version 86 (#12117) 1 month ago
  Zhe Sun 9d370a7603
Update to 8.13-SNAPSHOT (#12110) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen 2e8b9d2b5b
Open details rows shouldn't get removed when a new row is added to Grid (#12109) 1 month ago
  Anna Koskinen a944032771
Test fixes & split failsafe integration test runs into smaller batches (#12103) 1 month ago
  Zhe Sun 528315ac0d
Update the Selenium version to 3.141.59 (#12107) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund aea6cdece5
Add DateField(LocalDate value) constructor (#12096) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 43d21c486f
Adding regression test against malicious input (#12105) 2 months ago
  vt512 bafab4554a
fix duplicate key exception with Binder when interface method is overwritten (#12091) 2 months ago
  Tatu Lund 665f3355a2
Add convenience overloading for setColumn (#12093) 2 months ago
  Tarek Oraby 10f7e15da9
Update README-DEV.md (#12089) 2 months ago
  Clemens von Schwerin dcd550ec74
Update ServletPortletHelper.java (#12087) 2 months ago
  Anna Koskinen d223a8b03d
Update Chrome version check to 85 (#12090) 2 months ago
  Tarek Oraby 7babdf719c
Add API to detect if GridMultiSelect select-all checkbox is checked (#12086) 3 months ago
  Olli Tietäväinen 49f0317b72
fix for #12079 - recalculate Composite layout inside Window (#12082) 3 months ago
  Tatu Lund 1f458749d3
Bump hibernate-validator from 5.3.5.Final to 5.3.6.Final (#12085) 3 months ago
  Tatu Lund 0a8ef38b05
Bump hibernate-validator from 4.3.2.Final to 5.3.5.Final (#12083) 3 months ago
  Johannes Häyry 634e83fe76
Fix link to Valo API documentation (#12080) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen a6a1e1d71a
Only remove caption margin from the first visible tab. (#12078) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 067637342d
Fix typo in error message (#12077) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen e5c42385f3
Add 1px buffer to Escalator column natural widths. (#12075) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen aa3757c664
Fix to natural column width calculations in Table footer. (#12074) 3 months ago
  Andrey B. Panfilov b31ed94eae
Row Generator fixes (#12027) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 7406f478b9
Added missing MIME types to FileTypeResolver (#12070) 3 months ago
  Zhe Sun e8984fb5d7
Update release-note template for 8.12.0.alpha1 (#12072) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen b68804f805
Add a regression test for Table's RowGenerator feature. (#12069) 3 months ago
  Tatu Lund 415acb75f7
Explicitly remove old dataprovider listener when new one is set (#12064) 3 months ago
  Tatu Lund 7398f1565a
Add enabled check to Column#isResizable (#12063) 3 months ago
  Tatu Lund b36dc81569
Fix possible NPE with MPR (#12040) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 446a7680c2
Add a clarifying note to an extension example. (#12062) 3 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 9d027171e6
Use queue for resync requests. (#12043) 4 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 17baaf01b7
Add column width recalculation when vertical scrollbar hidden/shown. (#12058) 4 months ago
  Anna Koskinen a17348081a
Revert 'Rewrote debouncing of onResize (#11899)' (#12051) 4 months ago
  Anna Koskinen d1e6c704fd
All updates to Escalator size should get reported to LayoutManager. (#12050) 4 months ago
  Tatu Lund 3640be47c3
Add support for "ww" in date format (#12037) 4 months ago
  Tatu Lund 40570e1731
Ensure type safety and serializable nature of all the listeners (#12045) 4 months ago
  Tatu Lund bafced6af3
Clear thread local instances on connection lost in push handler (#12042) 5 months ago
  Anna Koskinen 797b49372f
Update ComboBox popup position comparison to use correct top value. (#12041) 5 months ago
  Tarek Oraby d824efe59a
Fix rendering of TreeGrid's frozen columns after hierarchy-column reset (#12028) 5 months ago