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  1. [![Gitter](](
  2. # Vaadin Framework
  3. *[Vaadin]( allows you to build modern web apps efficiently in plain Java, without touching low level web technologies.*
  4. This repository contains source code and issue tracking for Vaadin 8 and Vaadin 7, both of which use GWT as the base of client-side implementations. You can find source code and issue tracking for newer, web component based Vaadin versions in [vaadin/platform](
  5. Vaadin 8 includes Vaadin 7 compatibility classes and is supported until February 21, 2022 (extended support will be available for ten years after that).
  6. Vaadin 7 support has already ended, [extended support]( is available until February 2029.
  7. ## Using Vaadin 8 to develop applications
  8. Please refer to [Vaadin tutorial]( and other [documentation](
  9. For known issues within Vaadin framework, see [Issue Tracker]( Comment or react to an existing issue to mark your interest in resolving it. If you don't find an existing report of an issue you are experiencing, [submit a new issue](
  10. ## Contributing
  11. To contribute, first refer to [Contributing Code](
  12. for general instructions and requirements for contributing code to the Vaadin framework.
  13. For instructions on how to set up a working environment for developing the Vaadin framework, please visit [Development Instructions]( Pay special attention to workspace preferences.
  14. We appreciate all contributors and want to make submitting changes as easy as possible. If you find any mistakes, unclear parts or out-of-date instructions, please let us know by submitting an issue or a pull request.